Privacy Policy

The goal of RapidSignup is to streamline competition management of martial arts tournaments. We aim to collect only the information deemed neccesary to fulfill our mission.

We do not pass on data to any external third parties, with exception to our payment gateway provider We send Stripe your email address, to save you from typing it in yourself...again

Competition Player Lists and Competition Draws are published in PDF format
Attributes which are useful for each document's intended purpose are displayed.
The sparring player list shows the following attributes

These attributes enable club coaches and parents to verify entries, and assist with the process of matching players into divisions.
This is standard practice across combat sports to enforce transparency and fairness.

Historical player lists and competition draw information are not available for download.

Competition management staff get access to the participant data for their event only. Clubs and athlete information for those who are not attending IS NOT viewable by competition management staff.

In regard to collecting payment, we use Stripe ( as our payment gateway provider. When you submit payment, your web browser interacts directly with Stripe, at RapidSignup all we can see is the payment amount and whether the transaction was successful.

If you wish to view or delete any or all information for you or for minors in your care - please contact our support team